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Food Holiday

Nothing is better on a cold, winter day than a delicious cup of hot cocoa! To celebrate National Cocoa Day on December 13, Cocoa + Co. is taking on the traditional cup of cocoa with its many drinkable chocolate options.

The artisan chocolate shop offers nine varieties, all hand crafted with real chopped chocolate, not powders or syrups.

Classic Dark

creamy bean-to-bar chocolate

This is a richer, upscale take on traditional hot cocoa.

La Parisienne

decadence + a hint of vanilla

Rich and deeply chocolate-y, true to its Left Bank inspiration.

Mayan Magic

chilies, cinnamon + nutmeg

Ancho and chipotle chilies create just the right amount of heat on the finish. 


Mocha X’Tasy

espresso, burnt caramel + fleur de sel

Layers of flavor with a little French sea salt to accentuate the chocolate


Abuela’s Elixir

citrus, spices + a touch of molasses

Only a grandmother could put this kind of love in a cup.


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