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New Menu

Nacional 27 has debuted a new Exec Chef, Cory Morris, along with an overhaul of their menu under Chef Cory’s direction.

Chef Cory’s travels to Spain, Argentina and Portugal have influenced his cooking style and inspired dishes in some of Chicago’s top restaurants including Mercat a la Planxa, where he worked closely with Iron Chef Jose Garces, Rural Society, Ronero and Boleo.

“My passion for Latin cuisine started when I worked for my mentor, Chef Jose Garces. Along the way I’ve learned a lot about Spanish, Argentinian, Costa Rican and Peruvian cuisine,” says Chef Cory Morris.“From Argentinian wood-fire cooking to Peruvian street food, it’s all prepared me for this opportunity at Nacional 27. I’m excited to influence the menu with my own style, while honoring the legacy of this restaurant.”

Nacional 27 has focused on Latin flavors and Chef Cory’s new dishes will follow suit, utilizing ingredients from small, specialized purveyors including unique vinegars, aji amarillo (Peruvian yellow chile pepper), aji panca (Peruvian red pepper) and papa seca (Peruvian dried potatoes). Guests can also expect playful combinations of comfort food like Roasted Chicken Arroz, prepared with Calasparra Rice from Murcia, Spain, free-range Amish chicken, Portuguese-style sofrito and heirloom carrots, as well as a menu that changes with the seasons.

“Cuisine from certain Latin American countries lend themselves to particular seasons. For example, dishes from Argentina tend to be heartier and more meat focused and best in colder months, while Peruvian cuisine highlights seafood and ceviche, perfect for summer.”



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