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Thanks to a long-term love affair born during summer trips to the Northwoods, a real Wisconsin style supper club has opened in the city of Chicago. Owner Brian Reynolds is the man smitten by supper clubs and he is excited to have opened his own -- Millie's Supper Club. It is named for his grandmother, who introduced Reynolds to many of the iconic supper clubs throughout Wisconsin as he was growing up. He was immediately taken by the warmth and hospitality offered by these beloved institutions during his summer excursions.

Millie's recreates the supper club ambiance with deep rich diamond-tufted booths, vintage bar stools, intimate lighting and a large, comfortable bar where the bartender will ask you ‘how’s the family?’ as he is already muddling you a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet. After catching up with some friends at the bar, you will head over to the dining room that will quickly remind you of a vintage farmhouse kitchen.

Enjoy their complimentary relish tray and a basket of warm rolls as you settle in and try to decide what to order. The Prime Rib - The Queen Cut (Millie's) and King Cut (Roland) are named for Reynolds' grandparents. There will also be all the entrees one would find on a Wisconsin supper club menu, including their Broasted Chicken, Fish Fry (think Haddock/Blue Gil), classic French Onion soup and Cheese Curds.

"I want our guests to have the feeling that the moment they walk through the door they are no longer in the hustle and bustle of Chicago..." - Owner Brian Reynolds

millies 0001 millies-fish-fry-blue-gil

Supper clubs are known not only for their large portions and jovial atmosphere, but their dedication to actual dining. Millie's will be no different. Oh, and one last thing. Don't forget to ask for a Grasshopper or a Pink Squirrel for a dessert drink to accompany your piece of Millie's Supper Club Pie.


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