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La Grange

Ahead of their Summer 2020 opening, Milk Money Brewing is launching to-go ‘Pantry Boxes’ and ‘Produce Boxes’. As Milk Money Brewing’s brick-and-mortar location has not yet opened, this is the first look into what La Grange’s inaugural brewery/restaurant has in store. 

The participating brands that make up these boxes are all from local brands. Following their ethos, Milk Money Brewing uses their relationships to empower customers with education surrounding their products and how they are sourced. Wixter Seafood products, Daisies pasta kits and Frillman Farms produce are just a few examples of local brands incorporated into the boxes. 

With grocery stores increasingly difficult to access, these boxes allow for safe, stress-free shopping. See here for full offerings. 


Order here
Order by Sunday at 11:59pm for pickup the following Friday

Pantry Box *Available for pickup or delivery *Prepaid for parties of 1-10

Small Box (for 2) $75/box, $260/Month (4 boxes, 1 per week)
Large Box (for 4) $125/box, $460/Month (4 boxes, 1 per week)
6-8 types of rotating local, seasonal produce from Klug Farms/Werp Farms/LT Gardens/Iron Creek, Frillman Farms
2 rotating proteins from our local farms, 
CDK Ranch butchered by Perkins Custom Cuts/Slagel Farms/Catalpa Grove Farms 
1 Marinated Protein 
1 Milk Money Dry Mix
1 Milk Money Signature sauce, condiment or jam 
1 premium pantry item
1/2 Dozen Slagel farms eggs
1 Recipe Card

Produce Box:

Small Box (for 2) $25
Large Box (for 4) $40
6-8 types of rotating local, seasonal produce from Klug Farms/Werp Farms/LT Gardens


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