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Now Open Korean River North

Miki’s Park was originally slated to open at the beginning of March but when the Windy City went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis the team had to pivot their plans – and their concept.  “The pandemic forced us to adjust our original vision for Miki’s Park a little bit,” says co-founder Orville Diaz.

Now, with the news that restaurants and bars can begin serving guests indoors, Miki’s Park is ready to introduce: Miki’s Tiger Bar.

Behind the takeout window, Miki's Tiger Bar, will be reachable with a semi-hidden entrance to the bar. Open 7 days a week from 4:00pm - Midnight, Miki's Tiger Bar will offer drinks and bites from the To-Go window. 

A large part of the Miki’s Tiger Bar beverage program is centered on Soju, a Korean beverage.  Guests can even reference an instructional illustration that shows you how to “Shake, Swirl, Pop” your Soju correctly.

The “Miki’s Cocktails” list will include 7 original craft cocktails, each of which are $13 and are made with a carefully curated list of ingredients:

Neon Fizz

Jinro Plum Soju | Fresh Juices | Blue Curacao | Sparkling Wine


Miki’s Tiger Bar’s Take On A Mojito

Captain Morgan White Rum | Jinro Soju | Lime | Ron Zacapa Rum Floater


Inspired by South Korea’s Island Paradise

Ketel One Vodka | Jinro White Grape Soju | Tropical Juices

Cherry Blossom

Lycee Juice | Ketel One Vodka | Jinro Soju | Cranberry Juice

Tiger Claw

Jim Beam | Jinro Strawberry Soju | Lime Juice | Soda

Golden Panda No. 7

Jack Daniels No. 27 | Crème de Cacao

A select list of wines, domestic & international beers and other liquors will round out the roster of drink offerings. 

The menu will also feature illustrated instructions for “The Titanic”, a Korean drinking game designed for groups of three or more.


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