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New Menu Logan Square

Nearly sixth months after opening, Mezcaleria Las Flores, a mezcal-focused bar in the heart of Logan Square has launched a new cocktail menu curated by head bartender Jay Schroeder. The mid-summer menu shake up is inspired by newly available Mexican spirits, like the Balam raicilla, made from 100% Agave Rhodacantha which is endemic to the Jalisco region of Mexico, and incorporates bright, summertime flavors like grapefruit and watermelon in a fun light-hearted menu format. True to form, guests can navigate Schroeder’s four new summer cocktails by fresh, smokey, and adventurous qualities.

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Dat $tick
  • Must Collect - The menu’s most summer-forward cocktail and an unintentional foretelling of Pokemon Go, Must Collect balances Balam raicilla, a crisp and herbaceous spirit from the south of Jalisco, with ripe watermelon, Green Chartreuse, fresh lime and honey—all punctuated with a vstripe of cilantro salt. Served within a black ceramic cup, the vessel is evocative of authentic barro negro pottery prevalent in Oaxaca, Mexico, the world’s veritable mezcal capital.
  • Dat $tick - Schroeder’s iteration of a boozey iced coffee cocktail, Dat $tick pairs Pelotón de la Muerte espadín mezcal, De Luze cognac VS and Galliano Ristretto coffee liqueur, with Averna, green cardamom, fresh lemon and nutmeg. Named after a track that, according to Schroeder “has already established Rich Chigga as the greatest rapper of all time, even though he’s only 16 and weighs 100 pounds soaking wet,” Dat $tick arrives in a jewel-toned enamel mug, popularly found in southern Mexico.
  • Just Basics - A cocktail that’s anything but basic, Schroeder specifically procured glassware to resemble veladoras, often recognized as tall cylindrical glass candles that depict saints and religious effigies prevalent throughout Mexico. “Glass is inherently valuable, something definitely not lost on the Mexican people,” says Schroeder. “They often re-use small glass candle holders after their wax portions are expended. The small, ribbed veladoras are commonly used to drink mezcal, and the glasses we use for Just Basics evoke the same look.” The cocktail inside boasts a summer-perfect pairing of Banhez mezcal, Pisco Control C, Lustau Fino, Giffard grapefruit, fresh lime, tarragon, and rimmed with a chile guajillo salt.
  • Living on Luck - The most adventurous of the bunch, Living on Luck was forged from frequent guest requests for an even smokier libation on Mezcaleria Las Flores’s established smokey-spirited menu. Boasting smokey, savory, and floral notes, this cocktail melds mezcal with smoked paprika, peated blended scotch, and saffron essential oil for an unexpected full-bodied smoked


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