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La Tequilería has announced that on Friday, June 21, the family-owned restaurant, received the highest recognition in the tequila industry, the Consejo Regulador de Tequila (CRT) Award “T” Certification. The “T” award recognizes establishments that are committed to promoting the culture and quality of Mexico’s prized spirit, Tequila.

La Tequilería is the first establishment to receive this accolade in the state of Illinois. In addition, their staff also received a “T” designation after completing training and an exam lead by CRT representative, Florina Martinez Vega. Since their conception two years ago, La Tequileria’s staff has been devoted to embodying the legacy of tequila. 

“Tequila is the manifestation of the pride Mexicans have toward nature and tradition,” explains La Tequilería owner, Sergio Suarez. “Tequila takes a minimum of seven years to make and we honor that process through the narratives we create in the culinary and cocktail art form.”

La Tequileria staff share personal sentiments to the importance of representing cultural traditions. The restaurant's executive mixologist, Elliot Acosta, first-generation Mexican-American, creates cocktails that incorporate nostalgic memories of Mexico; textures, flavors, and design. La Tequileria finds the meticulous, detail-oriented process humbling as it preserves the quality and intricate notes necessary for telling the vibrant history of Tequila. According to the CRT, 59% of the tequila that is made in Mexico is exported to the United States; a statistic the restaurant uses as inspiration to continuously innovate and elevate the standard.


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