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Craft Cocktails American Wicker Park

Machine: Engineered Dining & Drink has debuted a new drink line-up this week.

Since opening their doors in March, Machine’s in-house florist has worked in tandem with Beverage Director (and The Violet Hour alum) Aneka Saxon’s cocktail program. Sips like the Caged Old Fashioned are served with an Angostura caramel sugar cage meant to be broken with a tiny hammer, and the Ice Sage features flowers frozen in fortified wine that melt to flavor the drink over time.

After months of tweaking and testing, a new menu of drinks is ready. Guests can come in to taste next generation sips like:

  • Eye Don’t Carrot All, which challenges pumpkin spices’ throne with savory flavors like fresh carrot, New Amsterdam gin, lemon, cumin, turmeric, ginger, red pepper, coriander, orange, and frozen watermelon shard.

  • Black Hearts Club, with Maestro Dobel tequila, aperol, lime and grapefruit. Served in a giant heart shaped vessel.

Other new beverages include: 

Cocoa Chanel - Coconut washed Plantation Barbados rum, Amaro Abano, orange bitters, dark chocolate

Hey, Smash Me! - Lemon Hangar 1 vodka, riesling, honey, lemon, greek yogurt, lemon candy

Toasty Little Jam - Maker’s Mark, caraway, lemon, honey, champagne, egg white, black currant

The Enlightened One - Cihuatan 8-Year rum, sake, tamarind, lime, kiwi popping boba

Filthy Manhattan - Tabasco, George Dickel Bourbon, yellow chartreuse, brine, salted strawberry

Patio Vices - Letherbee Vernal gin, pineapple, strawberry, coconut milk, lime

Oak Aged Bloody Maria - Creyente Mezcal, tomato, liquid smoke, herbs, trout roe stuffed olives, black lava salt

Enjoy Your Flight - Pisco + Clementine, Lemon Vodka + Berry, or Gin + Hibiscus


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