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Pop Up Limited Time Only Asian Fulton Market

After nine years, Chicagoans will finally be able to savor the LUCKYRICE experience with its Breaking Bao dinner series at Ramen-San, featuring husband and wife culinary duo, Chefs Doug Psaltis and Hsing Chen. With their culinary background, the couple will create a feast that reflects their formal training and their interpretation of a traditional dynasty dinner. 

On October 18, join Danielle Chang, LUCKYRICE founder, for an exclusive evening of festivities beginning with a specialty cocktail followed by a multi-course meal. Inspired by Chef Hsing's mother, the menu will include Jiao Zi Dumplings, Emperor's Crabs Claws, Zhajiangmian, Cantonese-style Roast Duck and more. 

The dinner will begin at 6:00 PM and end around 9:30 PM. Tickets are $150 per person. For more event information, head over to


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