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Legent, a bourbon brand melding Kentucky distilling tradition with Japanese blending experience, is hosting a pop-up bourbon omakase tasting series in multiple cities nationwide, including Chicago on October 7. Introducing a new way to experience bourbon cocktails, mixologists will craft bespoke drinks with Legent specific to guest’s particular taste preference for this spin on omakase, a Japanese style of service most popular in the US for sushi dining. 

Paying homage to the masters behind the super premium bourbon, Master Distiller of Jim Beam Fred Noe and Shinji Fukuyo, fifth-ever Chief Blender of Suntory, this event will be hosted by two mixologists — Japanese-born Julia Momose and Adam Pomajz will be teaming up in collaboration.  

A one night only pop-up in Chicago on Thursday, October 7, will be hosted for imbibers looking for a  sipping experience. Attendees will be presented three courses of bespoke, handcrafted Legent bourbon cocktails that highlight East and West paired with light American fare with Japanese-inspired touches.

Those interested in attending can submit here for a chance to be randomly selected to receive an invitation.


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