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Make the most of your three day weekend at Rhyme Or Reason. Put your auto-reply on your email, pretend your writing that memo that was due yesterday to your boss, and listen up, because you will not want to miss what's happening this weekend.

As much as we love being #patioposted with their bottomless mimosas all day long, we think we can all agree that there's nothing better than a good bloody in the morning (or really any time of the day, for that matter.) Rhyme Or Reason's revamped Bloody Mary, 'The Proud Mary,' debuts this weekend for brunch. 'The Proud Mary' comes with Hangar One Vodka, and pickled Bloody Mary mix, topped with grilled shrimp, a double patty RoR slider, sliced pork belly, pepperoni, Alpha Morning Sun cheddar, heirloom tomato, Spanish olive, torched lime, lemon, cucumber, and a giant three finger red chili pepper. 

Side note: This hottie (literally) will also be making an appearance in this year's Bloody Mary Fest

'The Proud Mary'
'The Proud Mary'

Now if you're anything like us, you have deemed this Bloody a drink so you'll for sure be scanning their brunch menu for new brunch items. While the 'Funky Monkey Bread' & 'Flour Power Sampler' are new additions to their menu, the focus of September's brunch is their Hangover Specials - in collaboration with Sherrie Tan (Executive Pastry Chef from Sweet Mandy B's).

'The Mac Daddy' was inspired by something Tan herself likes to indulge in after a night on the town. This bad boy has everything but the kitchen sink - shell pasta, roasted cherry tomatoes, grilled corn and bacon lardons are blanketed with ranch bechamel sauce and topped with panko crusted chicken, two sunny side up eggs and drizzled with grilled scallion ranch sauce. Share it with the cheese to your macaroni or keep it for yourself.

Breakfast Mac1 1
The Mac Daddy; roasted cherry tomatoes, grilled corn, bacon lardons, ranch bechamel sauce, panko crusted chicken, sunny side up eggs, grilled scallion ranch sauce

Not to be over shadowed by it's other half, 'The Foxy Mama' is two house-fried churros stuffed with a cheesecake mousse, surrounded by dulche de leche sauce and brûléed bananas.  

The Foxy Mama; house-fried churros, dulce de leche, cheesecake mouse, brûléed bananas


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