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New Menu Mexican Pilsen

La Luna (1726 S. Racine Ave) has launched their new spring menu, now available at the Pilsen neighborhood restaurant: 

  • STEAK TARTARE - bone marrow, chives, egg, tarragon, chapulines, shallots, cornichons. Side of Publican bread
  • CEVICHES - yellow tail, jalapenos, yuzu, cilantro. Avocado pure, tapioca chicharron
  • TACO DE LENGUA - Lengua, chorizo, salsa roja
  • SPRING BEET SALAD - Marinated red beets, requeson, pistachos, grilled cherries
  • SARANDIARO OCTOPUS - Tender grilled octopus, salsa, fennel salad, salsa Veracruzana
  • MOLOTES - Platano maduro,black beans, mole, crema, queso cotija
  • PESCADO A LA VERACRUZANA - Grilled Branzino, Salsa Veracruzana, olives

La Luna also has added new spring cocktails including a Mocktail for those wanting an alcohol-free cocktail. New Cocktails include: 

  • MANGONDA - A fruity Mango and Orange frozen Mezcal cocktail with Chamoy/Tajin rim and garnished with diced mango and tajin.
  • JALISCO MULE - A fresh and sour tasting cocktail featuring Raicilla, garnished with lime wedge and mint leaves.
  • CHERRY NEGRONI - Bittersweet and strong gin cocktails garnished with half orange wheel.
  • APRICOT SPRITZ - Sweet and fruity low ABV cocktail with Cava and St. Germain garnished with fresh flowers.
  • MOCKTAIL - Spiced and herbal cocktail made with non-alcoholic Ritual Tequila and garnished with blackberry and basil leaf


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