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Kung Fu Tea, has announced the launch of it’s new line of drinks - the Brown Sugar Wow Series. The series includes a Brown Sugar Wow Black Tea, Brown Sugar Wow Green Tea, Brown Sugar Wow Oolong Tea and a Brown Sugar Wow Coffee - all of which incorporate Kung Fu Tea’s signature Milk Cap.

It all starts with the Wow bubbles. While normal bubbles cook in honey and are rinsed after cooking, the Wow bubbles are cooked in the brown sugar for twenty-minutes without being rinsed, absorbing all of the flavors and textures. The bubbles are then mixed with a freshly brewed tea to create the new flavors of the Brown Sugar Wow Series. Next comes the brown sugar, which is actually Taiwanese fried sugar and gives the new drinks a smokier flavor than the traditional brown sugar used in the U.S.

The Brown Sugar Wow Series is different from traditional teas at Kung Fu Tea because of the  process in which the bubbles are cooked, which gives it a caramel and toffee-like flavor. The Milk Cap adds another level of sweetness, as it acts as a texturizer to make the drinks more creamy. 

“The introduction of our Brown Sugar Wow Series not only showcases our versatility when it comes to making drinks, but it will also generate a lot of excitement among our customers who have been looking to try a new and different drink,” says Mai Shi, Kung Fu Tea’s Marketing & PR Lead.

The four new drinks will hit Kung Fu Tea Chicago locations beginning on Monday, November 23 and will be available for purchase until the end of the sale period, which is April 30, 2021. 


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