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Craft Cocktails Burgers West Loop Avondale

Kuma’s new CBD focused cocktails debut on 4/19 & 4/20 at Kuma’s Corner West Loop and 4/20, for one day only, at The Original Kuma's Corner.

Owner/Operator, Ron Cain, states “Offering CBD infused cocktails in Chicago is something that makes total sense for Kuma’s. We welcome all who are looking to relax and fall into a ‘Kuma’s Coma’ after devouring a massive burger with Sabbath jamming over the speakers. We also encourage and foster creativity within our staff and Bryn really created something cool, unique and on brand.”

The mind behind these mellow libations, bar manager, Bryn Gleason says “I love doing over the top cocktails. I like to push boundaries but also showcase a dynamic, flavorful and thoughtful beverage program,” Gleason adds “It’s also a great way to break the ice and start up a great conversation with the person next to you at the bar.”

Made with Euphoric Brands CBD Syrup, owner, Mike Finnegan, added “As long time fans and friends we are very excited for the opportunity to work with the Kuma's brand on what I consider to be the coolest cocktail concept I've heard of in recent times, if not ever! “

Each of these CBD featured cocktails will be served in a glass bong with smoking dry ice:


Purple Haze: Delicately Floral & Herbaceous with a Violet Hue, Featuring Junipero Gin.


Pineapple Express: Sweet Pineapple Balanced with a Sneaky Hint of Spice. Tropical Golden Fruit, Featuring Charanda Blanco Uruapan Rum.


White Widow: A Layered Balance of Smoke, Anise, Tart Lime, & Fresh Mint. Bright Green Delight, Featuring Mezcal Verde Momento.


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