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Now Open Korean Old Town

KorFusion, a new quick service concept, is now open at the corner of Halsted and Division in South Lincoln Park. The Korean fusion restaurant melds traditional family recipes from Korea with American and other cultural cuisines. 

The make-it-your-own menu features bao tacos, mandu (pot stickers), burritos, tacos, rice bowls, bibimbap, kimchi fried rice and jap chae (traditional Korean glass noodles). Dining guests may enjoy a taste of Seoul by customizing their meal through the selection of proteins, carbs, cold and hot vegetables and sauces. The ingredient options are detailed below. An array of non-alcoholic beverages include aloe vera water, Ramune, Milkis (Korean cream soda) and more.

KorFusion has a small area for communal seating and offers carryout and delivery.

KorFusion Menu


Bao Tacos $5.99
grilled pork plus three veggies

Mandu $3.99

Korean-style pot stickers


Burrito $8.99
carb, protein plus four veggies

Tacos $7.99
protein plus three veggies

Rice Bowl $7.99
carb, protein plus three veggies

Bibimbap $9.99
carb, protein plus six veggies

White Rice
Brown Rice
Kimchi Fried Rice (stir fried white rice and kimchi)
Jap Chae (traditional Korean glass noodle dish with sweet Korean teriyaki sauce)

Chicken Bulgogi (stir fried chicken with a sweet Korean sauce)
Beef Bulgogi (stir fried beef with a sweet Korean sauce)
Pork Bulgogi (stir fried pork with a spicy Korean sauce)
Grilled Pork (grilled marinated pork strips)
Tofu (lightly fried)
Fried Egg, add to rice bowl and bibimbap, $1.25



Spring Mix
Spicy Cucumber
Kale Mix
Tomato Salsa
Stir Fried Kimchi
KorFusion Giardiniera
Shiitake Mushrooms
Pickled Radish
Steamed Spinach
Bell Pepper and Onions
Bean Sprouts

Spicy Mayo (mayo and sriracha)
Bibimbap (traditional Korean spicy sauce)
KorFusion Spicy (for those looking for heat) 
KorFusion Ranch (ranch and sour cream)
Bao Sauce (KorFusion's take on teriyaki)

Soyu (lighter soy sauce)

Brown/White Rice $1.49
Stir Fried Kimchi $1.99
Kimchi Fried Rice $1.99
Cold Bar Veggies $1.99
Jap Chae $2.49

023 Kor Fusion
026 Kor Fusion
028 Kor Fusion


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