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Kanela Breakfast Club, located in Andersonville, Lakeview, Old Town, Wicker Park, and Streeterville, announces a new partnership with La Colombe Coffee Roasters and Mighty Leaf Tea. To kick off the partnership, on Tuesday, April 18, Kanela will offer a free cup of La Colombe coffee with any purchase for dine-in guests only. All guests will be entered in a raffle to win a gift basket (one gift basket per location) of La Colombe and Kanela swag including a bag of 12-ounce La Colombe coffee, a Draft Latte 4-pack, one travel and one diner mug, a selection of teas, and a $25 Kanela gift card.

Kanela's new café menu, made with La Colombe beans, features drinks like draft lattes (the first-ever textured latte on tap featuring cold-pressed espresso and frothed milk, served cold), pour over, cortado and macchiato. La Colombe blends available include Corsica (dark full-bodied, chocolatey, roasty), Nizza (medium, sweet, fruity, nutty) and Monte Carlo (decaf, dark, full-bodied, chocolatey, roasty).

Mighty Leaf Tea selections will include Organic Breakfast (black), Organic Earl Grey (black), Kanela Chai (black), Green Tea Tropical (green), Organic Mint Mélange (herbal), and Organic African Nectar (herbal). Mighty Leaf Tea's signature hand-stitched tea pouches ensure a portioned cup of whole leaf tea.

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