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Home Run Inn celebrates National Pizza Party Day on Friday, May 15.

Fans can share a 12” family-sized classic, ultra thin or signature pizza, while kids decorate their very own 6” personal-sized pizza.

“We at Home Run Inn are excited to bring creative recipes to your home this year in celebration of National Pizza Party Day,” said Brian Ginger, Executive Chef of Home Run Inn

Bring spring inside with a “Flower Garden” pizza, using green vegetables like asparagus or green beans to form flower stems and arrange diced bell pepper, tomatoes or olives to shape the petals. Kids will have fun sprinkling on herbs and spinach leaves for grass.

Fulfill your meat cravings with a “Heartaroni” pizza by simply topping a pizza with pepperoni slices in the shape of a large heart. Swap in sausage, bacon or BBQ chicken and share a “pizza your heart” while enjoying your favorite flavors.

For more recipes such as a “Breakfast” or ”Mac-N-Cheese” pizza for Friday, check out Share your pizza party by tagging @homeruninn on Instagram and Facebook. 


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