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Chef Ami Sananes, owner of Highwood’s new Ami Jerusalem Street Food restaurant (148 Green Bay Road, Highwood), is offering Jerusalem food options for Passover dinner. While his Passover menu features traditional items like matzo ball soup and sliced beef brisket, he will also be offering Jerusalem style dishes that he remembered as a child growing up in Jerusalem.

“I’ve lived in America for half of my adult life, but my love for the food I grew up with in Jerusalem has never left me,” explained Ami, whose Highwood restaurant is scheduled to open in mid-April. “It’s been a lot of fun planning the menu for the restaurant and specifically for Passover,” he added. “I’m excited to bring a true taste of Jerusalem to Chicago’s North Shore”.

For Passover, Ami will be offering several a la carte options, as well as a full Passover dinner that serves 5 or 10 guests. Those who order will receive a box of matzo, matzo ball soup, one salad, a choice of two sides, four Israeli spreads, dips and salads, and one entrée. 

“I hope people choose to order some of the new options like our Jerusalem meatballs with artichoke, fennel and sweet peas or our Israeli eggplant salad,” said Ami. “But, if they want to go with the more traditional seder meal, our sliced brisket with mushrooms and onions is an excellent choice!”


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