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HI-VIBE, an organic superfood juicery in River North, celebrates summer with three new, seasonally-inspired juices and natural allergy relief. Each and every juice is formulated with a specific purpose in mind, aiming to facilitate peak performance and optimal nutrition by way of deliciousness.

Allergy sufferers can find solace in a variety of organic juices including the Kill Shot, a four ounce superfood bomb that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to help alleviate allergy symptoms.

Two of the new seasonal creations also offer anti-inflammatory components in addition to their other health benefits. The three new seasonal juices include:

Beach Mode - carrot, grapefruit, aloe, lemon and ginger.

Promotes metabolism, energy, digestion, internal wellness and radiant skin.

French Kiss - watermelon, fresh Hawaiian turmeric and mint.

Alkalizing *anti-inflammatory, hydrating and immune-boosting components.

Green Envy - pineapple, kale, Hawaiian turmeric and lemon.

Alkalizing *anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits.

*Anti-inflammatories can help alleviate allergy symptoms

All HI-VIBE juices are made fresh daily and sold by the bottle so consumers can savor them on the go ($11 per 16 fluid ounce bottle).


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