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HEY SUGAR (507 South Third Street, Suite E, Geneva, IL 60134), is a bakery concept that opened Friday, July 17, 2020 in Geneva, IL, from the team behind The Latest Crave Cupcake & English Toffee Shop. The menu features a wide range of treats. Guests can choose from a mix of cupcakes, pastries, English Toffee, and other delights. Beverage options include a selection of teas from the Rare Tea Cellar and its own HEY SUGAR branded coffee from Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Seattle. Rounding out the menu is a selection of soft serve options that feature a special dairy mix exclusive to the area (vegan available). Flavors will include choices like lavender, sage, turmeric, and charcoal, and toppings like edible 24-carat gold, cotton candy, cake & frosting, and more, as well as a special dog-friendly option. 

“With the desire to bring in exclusive product offerings and premium ingredients, we needed to move to a larger space. That move brought a branding refresh and a new name that reflects the future of our business,” said Sarika Singh, Owner, HEY SUGAR. “We are a playfully sophisticated bakery centered around making memories, and our new look and name convey that. HEY SUGAR now reflects our spirit and ideas, and we can’t wait for the community to see what’s new.”

The Menu 

The HEY SUGAR team will continue to offer their take on cupcakes and toffee while introducing a whole new menu to Geneva. The team has partnered with Pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan to create a dessert menu. Chef MacMillan has more than 20 years of kitchen experience, with a nomination for a James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef (2009) and was awarded “Chicago Rising Star Pastry Chef” by (2011). Chef MacMillan has worked closely with chefs, including Graham Elliot and Curtis Duffy, during his time as the executive pastry chef at Avenues in the Peninsula Chicago. He brings this experience to his current collaboration with HEY SUGAR. 

Menu highlights include breakfast pastries, croissants, scones, muffins, brownie bars, homemade Milano Cookies, Mango Mousse Cups (topped with coconut chia chips and popping pearls and fresh fruit). The Latest Crave started as a wholesaler of English Toffee, and HEY SUGAR will continue this tradition. The toffee is made in house and is made with creamery butter and almonds and frosted with milk chocolate and pecans.

The team has developed a special dairy mix for their soft serve ice cream. Flavors range from options like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Vegan Coconut to like Sage, Lavender, Charcoal, and Tumeric. Toppings like 24-carat gold leaf, cake pieces, cookies, cotton candy, and other ingredients. Pups will be offered a dog-friendly flavor. 

A coffee and tea program will round out the menu. The team worked with Seattle’s Dillanos Coffee Roasters to create their own HEY SUGAR branded coffee for inhouse and retail sales. The team has been trained by Dillanos to brew the cup on their La Marzocco coffee machinery. A mix of tea options for the Rare Tea Cellar will also be available, including the 2012 Emperors Aged Keemun (Oak Barrel Aged). This tea is made with Keemun, which is aged in oak barrels for two years to create a full-bodied tea with a unsweetened toffee edge. 

The Space

The space has been inspired by Singh’s trips to the flower markets in London and Paris. Guests will see a large pastry case with fresh pastries on display and toppings for soft-serve ice cream. Seating includes a pergola inside with bistro tables and chairs, swing chairs and a bathtub for a photo opp. Counter seating along the floor to ceiling windows. A ice cream cone and a floral walls round out the decor. The interior decor will refresh every six-eight months to give visitors a new experience on a regular basis. 

The Inspiration 

Singh hopes to create a concept that can soon be franchised by those looking to be independent business owners. As an Asian-American with children, her goal is to develop a concept that would be an inspiration for anyone, especially BIPOC mothers, who are looking to carve out their entrepreneurial path. 


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