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Taking a unique global twist on the Thanksgiving festival, Vermillion continues its tradition of an “herb & spice” Thanksgiving feast for diners inclined towards a worldly journey.

The restaurant’s four-course feast offers more than enough reasons to give thanks, with equally hearty vegetarian options to match. Available from 1-5 p.m. ($55) and 5-9 p.m. ($65) on Thanksgiving Day, each course boasts a different color to represent the unique blend of herbs and spices.  

coconut, corn and butternut squash soup
kadai oil and tandoori roasted corn

puerto rican alcapurrias, beet root sweet potatoes
chicken kabob or artichoke croquette, mango chipotle chutney

clove + black cardamom smoked turkey breast
cranberry-naan stuffing, sweet potato orange zest puree

nicaraguan ayote en miel
star anise tres leches in a jar, ayote ‘pumkpin’ caramel jaggery, 
coconut sorbet, pepitas crumble


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