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Brave souls in search of hellish Halloween-time adventure might consider a trip to Strings Ramen, to test-out the various levels of fiery Hell Ramen that await at Strings' Chinatown and new Lakeview locations.

Based on ancient Buddhist mythology, hell is divided into numerous levels. In each level, different punishments await, including tongue ripping, eye gouging, teeth extraction, skinning, and pouring boiling liquids down sinners' throats. Inspired by the myth, Strings' executive chef Katie Dong concocted Hell Ramen, available in five levels of increasing heat, with ingredients ranging from devilishly hot Ghost Peppers to crispy-fried pork skin....symbolizing human skin burnt in oil.

For the truly brave, Strings' throws-down its Monster Hell Challenge, involving consuming an entire bowl of Level Five Hell Ramen in under 20-minutes, and requires a waiver, acknowledging risk of personal injury, illness...and possible loss of life.

Hell Ramen at Strings Ramen
String's Level 5 Hell Ramen, includes red chili, Sichuan chili bean sauce, Thai chili, Piquin chili, ghost pepper and scorpion pepper, spicy pork and baby clams, crispy pork skins. $24.95
Strings Ramen chef Katie Dong
Inspired by ancient Buddhist mythology of hell, Strings' executive chef Katie Dong created five levels of Hell Ramen


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