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Pop Up Bar Lincoln Park

Chicagoans will have a new park to walk in to capture Pokémon as Replay Lincoln Park is launching a Pokémon Pop-Up Bar Friday, May 25. Replay will ‘evolve’ their back bar into a Pokémon Center complete with specialty cocktails and Pokémon-themed décor and custom artwork on Friday, May 25, with a full bar Pokémon takeover beginning Friday, June 1. Guests are invited to grab their friends, collect eggs and live the life of a Pokémon trainer for a limited time.

During the pop-up, guests can enjoy new Pokémon-themed cocktails including the Boulder Badge (Rock Type), Cascade Badge (Water Type), Thunder Badge (Electric Type), Rainbow Badge (Grass Type), Soul Badge (Poison Type), Marsh Badge (Psychic Type), Volcano Badge (Fire Type), Earth Badge (Ground Type). Trainers can collect a trainer punch card to try to collect all eight badge cocktails to unlock the ‘Elite Four Challenge,’ which, if passed, wins the guest an exclusive t-shirt or custom commemorative pin. Guests will also be able to participate in a Pokémon hunt with QR codes hidden around the bar, Pokemon Gym and trading card and gaming console tournaments with prizes.

“We are looking to tap into the joy and nostalgia feel when playing Pokémon, whether online, with trading cards or video games,” said Mark Kwiatkowski, owner of Replay Lincoln Park. “We wanted to offer a space for Pokémon fans to gather and share in a bit of truly immersive fun with drinks, games and prizes for those who can catch ‘em all!”


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