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Kick off the James Beard Awards festivities with a culinary panel and cocktail reception. Join celebrity chefs and restaurateurs Daniel Boulud, Andrew Zimmern, Stephen Starr and Rohini Dey, with marketing guru David Whitaker (who helmed Brand USA before taking on marketing Chicago) on a panel led by Susan Ungaro, James Beard Foundation President. 

This panel will explore the nexus between global cities and the strength of their culinary platform, where Chicago falls on this spectrum, and how to continue building Chicago’s global city status using its culinary soft power. As the world races to urbanize, food is a crucial form of soft power that continues to scale new heights of prominence and significance in our ever-globalizing world.

Guests will feast on highly lauded signature Vermilion Indian-Latin cocktails and appetizers all evening. Half of the proceeds from this event will benefit the James Beard Foundation's Women in Culinary Leadership Program.


- The importance of a dynamic culinary scene to tourism and draw

- The importance of award-winning dining establishments and breadth of dining options to the marketing of a city

- How cities effectively build their brand and market themselves based on their culinary strength

Cost: $95 


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