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Wine Steakhouse

Did you know that wine grapes—and wines produced from them—are affected by the altitude at which they are grown? Now through February 13, Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille (5 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook) will let you experience the difference that altitude makes, as you “elevate” your wine knowledge through a special wine showcase called “Elevation Matters.”

To help you decide which wine best satisfies your palate, you can enjoy the “Vines with a View” flight, $28, featuring a two-ounce pour of each of the three wines.

This special showcase features three wines, each produced from grapes grown at widely different altitudes. The first wine is the 2014 Arrowood Cabernet, available by the glass at $24 or by the bottle at $95. This wine is made from grapes grown at an altitude of 750 feet—the height of San Francisco’s Transamerica Pyramid building. The second wine is the 2015 Stonestreet Cabernet, made from grapes grown at 1,300 feet—the height of the Empire State Building. It is available by the glass at $24 and by the bottle at $95. The third wine is the 2015 Mt. Brave Cabernet, available by the glass at $38 and by the bottle at $150. This wine is made from grapes grown at an elevation of 1,800 feet, as tall as the Willis Tower in Chicago (formerly known as the Sears Tower).

“Perry’s customers appreciate that great steaks and great wine are meant for each other, and with this fun promotion we are helping to increase their wine knowledge,” said Perry’s Corporate Sommelier and Beverage Director, Susi Zivanovic. “Grapes grown at lower altitudes tend to have a supple flavor that evokes the flavors of fresh, red fruit, such as black cherries or fresh plums, and you might also experience hints of cocoa powder and spice.” The 2014 Arrowood Cabernet is a delicious example.

When grapes are grown at a higher altitude, such as at 1,300 feet, they often exhibit a more herbaceous flavor, with aromas of bay, bramble, sandalwood and menthol. “You’ll also notice hints of dark raspberry, plum and even some bittersweet dark chocolate notes,” said Zivanovic. The 2015 Stonestreet Cabernet shows these characteristics.
“Grapes grown in high mountain vineyards tend to be powerful, intense and evoke flavors of blueberry and similar blue fruits. There also will be aromas of dark cherries and toast, combined with some floral notes,” explained Zivanovic.

Elevate your wine knowledge.


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