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Happy Hour German West Town

Besides just being a light, easy-drinking pale ale with a cool backstory (it’s fermented with ale yeast but then finished with lagering making it a best-of-both-worlds beer situation), Kölsch, as it’s served in its birthplace of Cologne, Germany, is also an experience. Traditionally, Kölsch is served in tall, thin glasses from servers wielding specially designed trays. The quaffable, low-alcohol beer is automatically replaced upon finishing until drinkers say otherwise, then the glasses are tallied by the server. Fun and interactive, this type of service is exactly what West Town’s Funkenhausen wanted for its just-launched happy hour.

On Mondays through Thursdays from 5 to 7 p.m., in addition to the $2 Sünner Kölsch, there are happy hour food specials: döner kebap (flatbread stuffed with thinly sliced meat, sambal, cucumber yogurt, lettuce, tomato and onion; $8), rib tips (house-smoked rib tips tossed in a North Carolina barbecue sauce; $5), and a pretzel and garlic sausage served with whole-grain mustard ($6).


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