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Attention all Chicago food, cocktail, and art lovers! Fulton Market Kitchen is the place to be to experience art created by local artists while sipping on craft cocktails and tasting contemporary dishes with playful presentations made with the freshest ingredients from local vendors.

Fulton Market Kitchen’s live performance art series titled “5x5” has brought in multiple award-winning artists who have created beautiful pieces of art, each unique to their style. Every other week, a new artist is featured at the restaurant - creating live unique art on a blank 5x5 canvas of their choosing. The artists’ creations are then featured in the dining area until the piece is purchased. The proceeds from each artists’ creation are split with 10% going to a charity of their choice and 90% going directly to the artist. Charities that previous 5x5 artists chose to donate to include The World Bicycle Fund and Art Reach Chicago.

The restaurant hopes that through 5x5, a new hub for those who love art as well as foodies and cocktail enthusiasts will be established in the West Loop.

For the week of June 8th -12th local artist Erik DeBat will be creating high-energy artwork that is influenced by Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism as guests dine and enjoy craft cocktails in the restaurant’s lounge.

erikdebat 2013
Living and working in Chicago, DeBat is often inspired by the energies of the city streets and realism found in the everyday.

A respected contributor to the 1980s counter culture movement of b-boy and graffiti art in Chicago, DeBat was influenced by the subway train painting movement of New York City and the art & music scene of the Lower East Side. DeBat’s large graffiti murals could be found across the streets, rooftops and tunnels of Chicago’s transit system.

DeBat has previously contributed to Fulton Market Kitchen’s award-winning interior, and guests can look forward to seeing what exciting, new pieces he comes up with during this live performance art series.

Guests that come for the 5x5 art series also get a chance to drink from artwork with Fulton Market Kitchen’s large format cocktails, “Cocktails As Big As Your Head”. These unique drinks are served in large cylinders that were hand-painted by DeBat. There are four large format cocktails to choose from, each serving 2-5 people, including Pisco Punch, Mezcal Margarita, Moscow Mule and the Old Cuban, each made with fresh juices and spirits mixed by the bar organized by Beverage Director Brian Sturgulewski.


This fun new take on large format drinks and craft cocktails is yet another way that Fulton Market Kitchen has incorporated art into the dining experience.

For more information on Futlon Market Kitchen and the 5x5 art series visit


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