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Are you a real shrimp? Well, if you are under 5 ft tall and over 12 years old you can get ½ price Shrimp at Freddie’s on National Fried Shrimp Day.

National Fried Shrimp Day is December 21st, and Freddies is located in Bridgeport at 31st and  Union (offer available 9am-midnight).

Also, Freddies will start serving Lawrence Fishery Shrimp on National Fried Shrimp Day and day moving forward. Lawrence Fishery is a longstanding seafood and shrimp purveyor in Chicagoland with 4 locations and now proudly available at Freddies.

Are you a real shrimp?
Are you a real shrimp?

“If I like something a lot and can’t duplicate it I want to share it with my customers, like we do with Simple Bakery’s Chocolate Cake all the way from Lake Geneva because I love it and Peters- en’s Ice Cream that I have enjoyed at their Oak Park location for much of my life!” Freddy said. “And now we are serving Lawrence Fisheries Shrimp that I have been eating for a very long time. I want to thank my cake, ice cream and shrimp partners for allowing me to share their wonderful products!”


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