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For the past 30 years, Beverage Director Enrique Cobos (De Cero, Moe's Cantina, La Josie) has worked in the hospitality industry crafting drinks, mentoring budding bartenders, and opening restaurants in both Mexico and the United States. Armed with a passion for the craft and an impressive backlog of experience, Enrique brings an unmatched expertise to Encanto.

As an aspiring culinary and beverage student in Mexico, Enrique found himself at home behind the bar and quickly discovered an innate interest and comfort in the hospitality industry. After training and bartending with the grand opening team at the Hard Rock Café in Tijuana, and opening various concepts throughout Baja California, he set his sights on the Windy City. With a curiosity centered around spirits and cocktails, there is no better city to land than Chicago, and 20 years later still finds it to be the place where people come to learn the craft because of the endless supply of dining experiences, local breweries, and strong city pride.

Cobos started working in the downtown area of Chicago where mezcal was always around. Lately, the culture around mezcal and tequila has become stronger, Chicago being one of the top cities to find that strong culture. Enrique credits mezcal as his best mentor. His strong interest in the spirit led him to get excited about learning more through reading, events, and befriending mezcal producers.

Encanto’s introduction to the city couldn’t be facilitated by a better agave aficionado. “We are very lucky here in Chicago because we have a lot of mezcal…and we want more.” Enrique took an even greater interest in agave in the last few years with its growth in popularity among drinkers and drinking establishments. With a deep appreciation of its many flavors, production process, and history, Enrique looks forward to showcasing Encanto’s way of drinking mezcal—one that is approachable, fun, and creative.

Beverage Director Enrique Cabos


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