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Eat Purely, a meal-delivery app serving nearly every neighborhood in the Chicago area, has moved from its original 4,500 sq. ft. location to a larger 8,500 sq. ft. space at 1709 West Washington Street. The new West Loop headquarters and kitchen technology will allow the company to produce over 10,000 meals per day at a fraction of its previous costs.

Eat Purely’s new space boasts an inventory and tech system that enables automation of the ingredient ordering process, streamlining everything from operations and culinary preparation to workflow and order management. The more efficient system allows Eat Purely to produce its same high quality food on a per-unit basis that is contribution margin positive.  

“The new kitchen is a pivotal step in the geographic expansion of Eat Purely,” said Jeremiah Green, CEO and co-founder of the meal delivery app. “Our focus in 2018 will be on growing our footprint throughout Chicagoland and the Midwest, and our new space, with its cutting edge technology, is essential to achieving that goal. This investment will enable us to lower overhead costs and to scale at a regional and national level.”

Green, the son of an entrepreneur, has been ingrained with a growth mindset since childhood. Together with Dan Wetherald, who built the entire digital infrastructure of Eat Purely with his expertise in crafting technology solutions, Green co-founded the company just months after the initial concept was sparked. In the beginning, the health-focused pair delivered every Eat Purely meal themselves, pushed code updates between deliveries, and grew the business solely through word of mouth.

As a part of the growth initiative for the company, Eat Purely will also be launching a chef partnership series where notable, local chefs will create meals for the app. The first set of unique meals will be from the mind of Michelin star-awarded chef Kevin Hickey, current chef/owner of the renowned restaurant The Duck Inn.  Best known for his seasonally-driven, modern approach to his cuisine, Hickey will develop 15 healthy and delicious meals for Eat Purely, including a signature dish. Chef Hickey’s meals will be available through the app beginning in mid-March and will be priced between $10-$16 each. Additional chef partnerships will be announced by Eat Purely throughout the year.


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