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The Violet Hour

  • Always on Time - The Violet Hour, offers a N/A concoction of rose water, lavender, and rosemary meets zingy grapefruit and a hint of vanilla before getting a bright tonic topper. 

The Meadowlark

  • Blue-Green Warbler - Featuring zero-proof spirit, Seedlip Garden 108, with essence of rosemary, thyme, and spearmint. The Seedlip is muddled with fresh cucumber slices, lime and mint along with several drops of saline solution to bring out the spirit’s more nuanced notes. The cocktail is topped with a floating mint leaf adorned in rose water. 

Maple & Ash

  • Sippin Pretty - A winterized take on the classic Cosmopolitan, the Sippin Pretty featurs core flavors of the season like cranberry and mint, the pour is built upon a base of Seedlip Grove non-alcoholic spirit and includes honey, cranberry, tonic water plus a touch of lemon to create a layered drink.

The Whistler

  • N/A Shandy - Logan Square’s OG craft cocktail lounge and music venue is cracking a non-alcoholic cold one for their take on a shandy - a mix of lemon, bubbly Topo Chico, and Visitor on Mars N/A hopped lager.


  • Matcha Lassi - Starts with a base of earthy matcha tea then layers in nutty pistachio and a dollop of tangy greek yogurt then shaken til frothy. The end result is a lightly caffeinated and N/A sipper with a velvet mouthfeel.


  • Rosa Acida - Herbal, fruity and refreshing with a bit of funk, avec’s Rosa Acida is an N/A take on a classic sour in keeping with the restaurant’s Mediterranean-inspired roots. The drink combines artisan iced tea, rose petal, lemon, and grapefruit. 


  • Mushroom Sour - At Daisies, the non-alcoholic Mushroom Sour follows the bar program’s MO, recycling kitchen leftovers to maintain the restaurant’s vegetable-forward mission. This drink was crafted using recycled mushroom stems from the kitchen to create a mushroom syrup that's used with egg white and lemon to give it a “fancy and foamy” look and smooth mouth feel. The result? A non-alcoholic beverage with a sweet / savory / sour flavor profile.

Big Star Mariscos

  • Little Darling - This bubbly mocktail from the brand new seafood-focused iteration of Big Star. The drink hits your palette first with a rush of citrus, pineapple and hibiscus, before whipping your tastebuds with a lash of spicy serrano pepper and the unmistakeable bite of Lagunitas Hoppy Soda.

The Graceful Ordinary

  • Flower Pot - a floral libation for those looking for a non-alcoholic sipper. This drink combines orange flower water with lemonade, lemon, grenadine and honey syrup. 
Mushroom Sour Ryan Gorey
The Mushroom Sour (Photo courtesy of Daisies)


  • Starry Night - Seedlip ‘Garden,’ Lavender Syrup, Earl Grey Fresh Lemon, Rosemary
  • Everything Nice - Seedlip ‘Spice,’ Apple Syrup, Chamomile Fresh Lemon, Orange Peel


  • The Elixir's Tart - Fresh, ripe, tart and creamy, all at the same time with Peach and Verjus Blanc. Served with an orb.
  • Ma Petite - Ma Petite’s favorite. Ginger Beer, french mint, lime and soda. Served up. 
  • Provence in Glass - Fresh Lemon, Housemade Lavender simple . Served on the rocks


  • Cucumber & Lime Fizz - Cucumber, Lime, Egg White, Fever-Tree Club Soda

Cafe Robey

  • Purplesaurus - housemade purple soda


  • Tangerine Dream – Seedlip Grove 42, Tangerine Cordial, Lemon Juice, Soda Water
  • Garden Gate – Seedlip Garden 108, Blueberry Lavender Syrup, Lemon Juice

Hinoki Sushi

  • Relaxi Taxi – Oolong Tea Reduction, Clove, Lemon, Mad Tasty Yuzu citrus, CBD Soda, Spicy ginger CBD gummy garnish
  • Forbidden Sour – Forbidden Forest Tea Reduction, Orange, Cardamom , Fresh lemon juice, Aqua Fava, Burnt orange
  • Matcha Mule – Matcha Tea Reduction, Fresh Lime Juice, Ginger Beer


  • Halara – Amass Zero Proof, Pomegranate, Lemon, Mint, and Tonic

Prime & Provisions

  • Spiced Grapefruit – Seedlip Spice 94, Grapefruit, Lime, and club soda.

Bottleneck Management – Old Town Pour House (Chicago, Oak Brook, Naperville), Sweetwater South Branch and City Works Eatery & Pour House (Schaumburg, Wheeling and Vernon Hills)

  • Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn (Golden Ale)
  • Athletic Brewing Run Wild (IPA)
  • Cucumber Cure – Seedlip Garden 108, Lime, Cucumber, Mint, Ginger Beer
Relaxi Taxi
The Relaxi Taxi (Photo courtesy of Hinoki Sushi)

Sunda New Asian

  • Strawberry Fields - muddled fresh strawberries, lemon, lime, orange, fennel syrup
  • Blackberry Limeade - lime, rosemary syrup, muddled fresh blackberries, club soda 
  • Grass Tiger - lemongrass, lime, orange, ginger beer, fresh spanked mint, club soda, jalapeño 
Blackberry Limeade
Blackberry Limeade (Photo courtesy of Sunda New Asian)


  • NO Fashioned - Spiritless Kentucky 74, Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters, Demerara syrup and non-alcoholic ginger bitters

Oda Mediterranean Cuisine

  • Key Lime Mojito - Club soda, mint, house made key lime syrup, lime juice 
  • Passion Fruit Mojito - Club soda, mint, passion fruit pulp, passion fruit syrup, lime juice  

Uvae Kitchen & Wine Bar

  • Moongold - Pomegranate, lime, apricot, chamomile, tonic
  • Lumberjack - Apple cider, lemon, maple syrup, soda water
  • 3 Hour Tour - Apricot, chamomile, lemon, N/A orange bitters, ginger beer


  • Left Me S-Peach-Less - Peach purée, honey mint syrup, lemon juice, topped with lemonade (CBD add-on available)
  • Thyme Flies - Seedlip Grove 42, strawberry, lemon, thyme sprig, topped with soda (CBD add-on available)
  • Pineapple Express - Pineapple, lemon, cinnamon syrup, topped with ginger beer (CBD included)
Oda Cocktail 2
Key Lime Mojito (Photo courtesy of Oda Mediterranean Cuisine)

The Gwen

  • The Star - Seedlip Spice, Spiced Luxardo, Syrup Lime
  • Siegfried - Seedlip Spice, Spiced Blueberry Shrub, Ginger beer
The Star
The Star (Photo courtesy of The Gwen)


  • De Soi - a woman-owned beverage co. inspired by the French way of thinking that prioritizes pleasure and moderation. Think subbing out the overpriced cocktail bar for a drink brimming with botanicals, adaptogens, and herbs that are ready to sip when you are. Each flavor is totally non-alcoholic.
  • Oddbird - a N/A by-the-book sparkling Rosé that reaches full potential and desired characteristics from a 12-month aging in authentic wine barrels. 
  • Visitor - a N/A beer offering a bit of balance for anyone who is seeking it. It’s reflective of its surroundings, hence the aluminum can, lending its citrusy, lightly-hopped, golden taste to an array of activities. 
  • Flora Hemp Spirits - as of this January, Flora is reaching more sober-curious and spirit-free consumers by rejoining all of Chicago’s Foxtrot locations as one of their first CBD brands to reenter (with the exception of the locations in The Tribune Tower, Willis Tower and Wrigley building). Flora will feature their Flora Essence: a citrus flavor, cannabanoid-infused non-spirit made with all-natural ingredients, zero sugar, and zero calories. Each 2 oz serving contains 25 mg of fast-acting water soluble CBD; now available at Foxtrot.
Dry Jan General
Photo courtesy of Foxtrot

LIVA at Chicago Winery

  • Negroni Liberto - Lyre’s Italian Orange, Aperitif Rosso and soda
  • Tiki-Taka - rooibos tea, ginger, black pepper, cranberry and tonic
  • Hotel Evangeline - Seedlip Spice 94, pineapple, apricot, lime and cinnamon

Grill on 21

  • Cranberry Ginger Fizz - Seedlip, Cranberry, Q Ginger Beer, and a touch of lime


  • Cos-no-politan - Lyre’s Pink London Gin, Lyre’s Italian Orange, lemon, simple syrup, and cranberry
  • Putin’ on the Spritz - Lyre’s Pink London Gin, raspberry syrup, grapefruit soda, and a spring or thyme
  • StoneSour - Lyre’s Amaretti, lemon juice, and demerara
  • Lyre’s Classico - a non-alcoholic prosecco


  • Fall Harvest - honey, ginger, lime, and fermented butternut squash
  • Truffled Yuzu - maple syrup, yuzu, black truffle, and burlesque bitters
  • Curried Corn - corn stock, Seedlip Spice 94, french curry, and almond orgeat


  • Gazoz - fizzy, fruity, and herby sodas made in-house at Galit. Based on sparkling water, Galit's Gazoz are infused with homemade shrubs and syrups, fermented fruits, spices, herbs, and a variety of flowers

The Dearborn

  • Shirley’s Sister - cranberry, morello cherry, rosemary, lemon, and club soda

El Che Steakhouse & Bar

  • Carrot Mule - fresh carrot juice, ginger syrup, lemon, and ginger beer

Bloom Plant Based Kitchen

  • Strawberry Styles - Seedlip with a special housemade strawberry rose cordial, yuzu juice and ginger

The Loyalist

  • Bright & Refreshing - Lyre’s Agave Reserva, berry melon tea, lime, soda and mint


  • Pink City - Guava, Chili, Lime and ROOH’s very own Masala

Bar Goa

  • Ginger Flower - hibiscus paired with ginger, orange and lime

Michael Jordan’s Steak House Chicago

  • Garden Eastside, Panoma and Light & Breezy - the bar team has used Seedlip’s array of non-alcoholic spirits to create a menu of mocktails that complement the food menu. 


  • Pretty in Pink - Seedlip Grove 42, sparkling pink grapefruit, pineapple puree and ginger ale
  • Mellow Yellow - Seedlip 108, lime, pineapple and Recess Lime Citrus
  • Pink Rose - Seedlip 42, Rose simple, strawberry puree and Recess Strawberry Rose

Raised an Urban Rooftop

  • Espresso Martini Hold the Tini - Lyre’s Coffee, Lyres Spiced Cane, coffee and caramel syrup

BLVD Steakhouse

  • Living Is Easy - Seedlip Grove, Pineapple, Strawberry, Huckleberry Syrup, Almond and Aloe Foam

Rose Mary

  • Fake It Till’ You Make It - Lyre’s Agave Blanco, Cinnamon Orgeat, Orange and Q Ginger Beer

Farm Bar Lakeview

  • Hibiscus Mule - Raspberry Hibiscus Syrup, Lime Juice and Ginger Beer
Esme Cocktails Curried Corn 2023 2
Curried Corn (Photo courtesy of Esmé)


  • Spritz Zero - Giffard Aperitivo Syrup, NA Sparkling, Soda, Orange 
  • Lurisia Sodas - Traditional Italian Sodas Made From Sparkling Mineral Water And Natural Flavors 

The Gage

  • NA Amaretto Sour - Lyle’s Amaretto Cordial, Fresh Lime, Pineapple, Mint 
  • Aperitif Spritz - Aperitif Syrup, Orange, NA Sparkling 
  • Rose Cream Frappé - Rose Syrup, Cream, Lemon, Crushed Ice, Cinnamon
  • Hot Buttered Espresso - Browned Butter, Honey, Espresso, Nutmeg 
  • Athletic Brewing NA Beer - Smooth And Malty - IPA Or Blonde
  • Three Cent Sodas - All-Natural, Soda-Fountain-Style, Not-Too-Sweet: Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Or Cherry

Coda di Volpe

  • Campania Menta - Bright Strawberry & Mint 
  • Sam Adams - Just The Haze IPA 
Acanto Spritz Zero 0000 Acanto Spritz Zero 3
Acanto Spritz Zero (Photo courtesy of Acanto)

Benchmark, Kirkwood and Highline

  • Phantom Mule - Seedlip Citrus (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), lime and ginger beer
  • Classic Margarita - Lyre's Agave Blanco Spirit (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), Lyre's Orange Sec (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), lime and agave
  • Old Fashioned - Lyre's American Single Malt (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), demerara and aromatic bitters

Ranalli's Lincoln Park

  • Phantom Mule - Lyre’s Zero Proof Spirit, lime and ginger beer
  • Old Fashioned - Lyre's American Single Malt (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), demerara and aromatic bitters
  • Classic Margarita - Lyre's Agave Blanco Spirit (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), Lyre's Orange Sec (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), lime and agave
  • Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher - $4
  • Topo Chico Mineral Water - $4


  • Phantom Mule - Seedlip Citrus Grove 42 (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), Top Note Ginger Beer and lime
  • Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz - Alcohol free version of the famed Aperol spritz cocktail
  • Citrus Collins - Seedlip Citrus Grove 42 (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), lemon, simple syrup and sparkling water

80 Proof

  • Classic Margarita - Lyre's Agave Blanco Spirit (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), Lyre's Orange Sec (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), lime and agave
  • Old Fashioned - Lyre's American Single Malt (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), demerara syrup and aromatic bitters
  • Seedlip Mule - Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), lime and Top Note ginger beer


  • Phantom Mule - Seedlip Citrus (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), lime and ginger beer
  • Old Fashioned - Lyre's American Single Malt (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), demerara and aromatic bitters
  • Classic Margarita - Lyre's Agave Blanco Spirit (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), Lyre's Orange Sec (Non-Alcoholic Spirit), lime and agave
  • Amalfi Spritz - Non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz
Screenshot 2023 01 03 164853
Photo courtesy of 80 Proof


  • Flor Picante - Hibiscus, Lime, Ginger, Topped with Topo Chico
  • No-Jito - Mango, Strawberry, Guava & Mallorca Melon, with Fresh Mint, Fresh Lime, Soda
  • Agua Fresco - Mango Strawberry, Guava & Cinnamon 


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