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Pop Up

Dinner With A View, a  pop-up restaurant and outdoor oasis that recently took Toronto and Montreal, Canada by storm, will deliver a culinary adventure under the stars at Pioneer Court on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile for a limited time from Wednesday, April 1 through Sunday, May 10, 2020. Attendees will dine in temperature controlled, clear and frameless geodesic domes, meant to stimulate the senses by marrying an elevated culinary experience with a view, unavailable to guests on a regular basis.

Designed to represent the flora, fauna and beauty of different natural regions of Earth, 33 domes will be transformed into terrariums juxtaposed against the urban scenery of Chicago’s bustling downtown, offering guests opportunities to capture photos against an iconic backdrop. The spaces will be individually styled to reflect landscapes of the tundra, tropical rainforests, grasslands, arid deserts and boreal forests with live plants, hand-selected textiles and elegant lighting.

Guests will be offered a three-course, locally sourced meal designed by a Chef, who will be revealed closer to the pop-up event. Inspired by cuisine from around the world, guests will select between three blind menu categories – meat, fish or vegan – from which they will be treated to the chef’s special creations. A full selection of beverages will also be available for guests to order from the table.

“We are thrilled to bring the Dinner With A View experience to Chicago,” said Steve Georgiev, Dinner With A View Organizer. “As one of the world’s largest cities with a sophisticated cultural scene, Chicago is the perfect place for us to drop in with our brand-new concept. Dinner With A View offers Chicagoans the opportunity to be delighted with an immersive event sure to dazzle the senses. Guests can expect a high-quality evening from start to finish with unbeatable views, an unexpected environment and delicious dishes.”

Dinner With A View Chicago dome reservations begin at $99.99 when guests sign up for the Chicago mailing list and dinner reservations begin at $109.99 per guest. Tickets are available for purchase online beginning Thursday, December 19 at 10 a.m. 


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