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Mexican Logan Square

Understanding that many of their patrons have interest in their extensive agave spirits list, but don’t always know where to start, Dos Urban Cantina has launched three unique flights. The agave spirits are served in copitas, the original mezcal drinking vessels. Listed below are the three new flights in the program: 

Top Shelf Flight, $100 

Dos's top shelf agave flight shows off both the range and elegance that the spirits provide and includes accompaniments meant to highlight each spirits' uniqueness.

  • Arrette suave extra anejo 
  • Don fulano imperial 
  • Piedre almas pechuga 
  • Fidencio madrecuixe 


  • Caramelized cocoa nibs
  • Blackberries 
  • Orange with sal de gusano 
  • Preserved xoconostle 
  • Nopal pare fruit

Flight of Our Favorites, $20

  • Arrette blanco sauve
  • Wahaka madre-cuishe
  • Calle 23 anejo

Mezcales through Oaxaca, $25

  • Derrumbes oaxaca tobala 
  • De maguey chichicapa 
  • Mezcalero #18 


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