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Dessert Polish Bakery Portage Park

Packzi Stacked In Hands
Delightul Pastries Paczi

Delightful Pastries (5927 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago), celebrating its 20th anniversary, keeps their bakery stocked with their paczki (traditional Polish doughnuts) year-round. But the annual Packzi Day is something very special. This year, Paczki Day falls on Fat Tuesday, February 16 and Delightful Pastries has already geared up in advance.

While walk-in orders are available, Delightful Pastries owner Dobra Bielinski recommends ordering in advance. The minimum order is a dozen and orders must be made by February 10.

“We encourage everyone to call and order in advance to minimize long waits. We will have social distancing precautions, and for those who have pre-ordered, curbside pickup is available by calling 773-545-7215 when you arrive.”

Delightful Pastries has flavors ranging from traditional flavors such as Custard Topped with Chocolate Fudge, Apricot Jelly, Plum Butter, Raspberry Jelly and Rose Petal Jelly. If you’re more adventurous, try the gourmet flavors such as Fresh Strawberry and Whipped Cream; Fresh Strawberry; Passion Fruit Jelly with a great taste of the Caribbean; Salted Caramel with scratch-made caramel using sea salt; and German Chocolate with pecans and coconut custard topping.

Delightful Pastries’ signature Drunken Paczki, with three booze-filled options: Vodka & Vanilla Bean Custard, Jameson Whiskey with Chocolate Custard and Moonshine & Lemon.


Delightful Paczki February 16
Celebrate Delightful Pastries Paczki Day February 16
Assorted Paczki On Plate From Delightful Pastries
Assorted Paczki from Delightful Pastries

Delightful Pastries Assortment of Pączki
Custard Paczki Topped w/ Chocolate Fudge
Apricot Jelly Paczki
Plum Butter Paczki
Raspberry Jelly Paczki
Rose Petal Jelly Paczki

Paczki gourmet flavors:
Fresh Strawberry & Whipped Cream Paczki
Fresh Strawberry Paczki
Passion Fruit Jelly
Sea Salted Caramel

Drunken Paczki:
Vodka & Vanilla Bean Custard
Jameson Whiskey w/ Chocolate Custard
Moonshine & Lemon

Delightful Pastries Paczki
Delightful Pastries Paczki


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