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Cafe River North

Dollop Coffee Company, owner Dan Weiss’s Chicago-born neighborhood café with multiple locations throughout the city, opens a new café at 643 N. Wells St.  (Wells and Erie  in River North) tomorrow, April 5. Dollop’s new location will provide coffee and pastries to Chicagoans with a community feel.

“For me, one of the most exciting things about the coffee business and the growth of Dollop has been the evolution of the use and service we provide to people,” says Dan Weiss, owner of Dollop Coffee Company. “It started as just a little spot in Uptown that served Metropolis coffee and snacks. Now, we’re opening cafés with draft cocktail programs in 400+ unit residential high rises in River North and serving a breakfast sandwich inspired by our Andersonville Dollop Diner. We’re that same neighborhood spot. The main difference is that now we can access ideas and really execute them with confidence.”

Stay tuned for more information on Dollop’s next location, opening later this month…

South Loop, 801 S. Financial Pl. (opening late April/early May)

The new South Loop café, located at 801 S. Financial Pl. just off the lobby of a 450-unit residential high rise, will feature breakfast sandwiches, fancy coffee drinks from a Modbar, modular under-the-counter, espresso machine, a rotating seasonal cold brew menu, draft cocktails, beers on tap, lunch and evening snacks, along with plenty of outdoor seating.

“At Dollop, we bake all our own pastries and have some exciting announcements coming up about our coffee program.  As we scale, our approach is to keep sight of who we are now as a company--relative to who were as a company when we began,” adds Weiss. “It feels like people who love Dollop appreciate us for who  we  were and for who we’ve become; that makes me proud.”


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