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Prix Fixe Collaboration Dinner French Lincoln Park

Since opening, the paintings of Danielle Klinenberg have graced the walls at The Blanchard. On Thursday, April 6, the Lincoln Park-located French restaurant invites guests to an evening and dinner with Ms. Klinenberg. Following a cocktail reception in the lounge at 6:15 p.m., Executive Chef Ryan Burns will present a prix fixe dinner in the dining room at 7:45 p.m. The fee to attend is $75. To reserve seats,  call The Blanchard at 872.829.3971.

“I approach painting with anticipation, a joy and urgency to capture images I see in my mind and bring them into being. I love the transformation to an altered state that I enter during this process. When I paint it often feels as though I tap into a collective imagination. This sense grows stronger and makes itself clearer the more I share my work. Color I know deeply. I use watercolor and earthy materials, many of which have storied and charged pasts. I incorporate raw pigments into my work, first Murex, indigo, and Majorelle blue from a spice market in Morocco. My personal, developing earth map of pigments also includes cochineal from Mexico, mica from New Hampshire and raw pigment lipstick from Africa. Travel and working at artist residencies from Wyoming to the Loire Valley has not only helped expand my color palette, but also augmented my sense of the possibilities of space. I rely on my background in dance when painting large-scale works: face-to-face with a particular moment in time and space requires physicality, mindfulness, and lyrical movement. It is my hope that you will find yourself in this same space, imagining and open.” --Danielle Klinenberg


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