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Coming Soon River North

Chicagoans will soon be able to become the owners of their own bar for the night by hosting personalized and private parties at Blank's Bar in River North. Created by DineAmic Hospitality, each event will be executed, as clients will make a few simple choices, beginning with food and ending with décor, all to be implemented by the Blank’s team. The restaurant group’s innovative concept, located at 355 North Clark Street, will be available to book beginning in February of 2020.   

The aptly named bar, “Blank’s”, was created in reference to the ability of the bar to be named after a guest of honor. One night, it may be “Bob’s Bar” and the next, “Amy’s Bar.” Blank’s Bar’s small size will cultivate a backdrop, for small parties, events, or receptions of up to 30 guests. The venue will be adorned with permanent counters lining the perimeter of the space, providing either bar seating for a casual atmosphere, or an area to serve food and beverages, buffet style. In addition to the permanent structures, the center of the room will allow for various types of seating arrangements or entertainment, while its blank walls will easily complement any decor, including the string lights hanging from the ceiling. To further personify the bar, picture frames will hang from the walls allowing event hosts to create their own customized gallery, suited to the event’s theme.  

The customization of Blank’s Bar expands well beyond colored napkins and plates, as a client will be able to have their desired name or phrase in neon lights on the sign outside, replacing the ‘blank space’ for the night. Whether the event may be a baby shower, birthday party, or reunion, every aspect from the color of the lighting to the music and décor can be tailored to create the desired atmosphere. In addition, Blank’s Bar will provide a choice of additional activations and experiences such as tequila tastings, psychic readings, a ‘drinking game’ table, or a mixology class to elevate an event.  

“We noticed a gap in the hospitality industry; typically, consumers aren’t able to manifest their own ideas into a completely personalized experience from start to finish,” says Principal and Partner of DineAmic Hospitality, David Rekhson. “With all of the stipulations that come with standard event spaces in the city, we developed Blank’s to provide clients with endless possibilities to make their event as unique as imagined.” 

To make the Blank’s Bar experience, predetermined packages like an open bar and various food bundles, featuring both American and Mexican cuisine will be available to pre-select before the event date. The menu will include items like tacos, pizzas, charcuterie, and burgers; however, for an additional upgrade, clients may opt for a range of appetizers like creamy burrata bites, crispy coccoli, or from-scratch chips and guacamole.

All events at Blank’s Bar will need to be reserved with an advance notice of 72 hours as the restaurant group will transform the space with décor and modifications specified by the client, including the pre-selected, curated food and beverage options. The bar may be reserved with a food and beverage minimum, dependent on the time, day of the week, and availability. In addition to its private event capabilities, the space will also be home to several festive and seasonal pop-up bars throughout the year. 


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