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La Tequilería has welcomed Diana Coss y Leon to the team as their new Chef.

Coss y leon is a graduate of Culinary Art School of Kendall College, in Guadalajara Jalisco. She has a background with over 6 years of culinary knowledge. She has worked at many restaurants including Carlos Gayton’s Mexique, Aba and Cherry Circle Room. In 2018, her pastry creation for Mexique was featured in the Michelin Star guide. 

Coss y leon’s culinary philosophy is rooted in her admiration towards respecting history, tradition, and ingredients. “When you are passionate and committed to understanding the purpose of an ingredient, naturally the dish will unify flawlessly,” shared Coss y leon on her creative process.

Despite her experience in kitchens, she is inspired by her roots in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her fond memories cooking with her grandmother and mother have helped her develop the need to include sentiment into every dish she creates. “A dish is most impressionable when its textures and aromas evoke nostalgia,” adds Coss y leon. 

Coss y leon introduced traditional techniques from Jalisco to La Tequileria’s completely new menu and is most recognized for creating balance in her dishes by including rich textures. Coss y leon uses regional inspiration as seen in the Barbacoa Osobuco, braised beef shank with bone marrow reduction, garbanzo purée with tahini sesame paste, zumo lime, accompanied with homemade tortillas tatemados. This dish draws influence from the Middle Eastern community in Guadalajara, Mexico and is one of many examples of how the entire menu is inspired by historical anecdotes of Mexican cuisine. 

La Tequilería is a lounge serving over 160 premium tequilas, creative craft cocktails, and authentic Mexican food. The family-owned restaurant, recently received the highest recognition in the tequila industry, the Consejo Regulador de Tequila (CRT) Award “T” Certification. La Tequilería is the first establishment to receive this accolade in the state of Illinois.


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