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Live Entertainment Barbecue

Culinary Fight Club, a partner in the production of Stove Tots, a new FYI network cooking television series slated to premiere in 2017, hosts its 2017 Pitmaster Challenge in eight cities. In this new summer event, chefs and home cooks will compete to show off their grilling skills.

Chefs are judged on taste and gourmet style as they strive to impress Grill Masters, BBQ Fanatics and BBQ Experts. The competition is fierce with a high-energy kitchen environment and time crunch and chefs will win the judge’s choice and/or taster’s choice to be named the Pitmaster Champ for a chance to win a Pit Barrel Cooker. 


The Pitmaster Battles:

  • Charleston, S.C. (June 15)

  • Chicago, Ill. (June 19)

  • Atlanta, Ga. (June 22)

  • Kansas City, Mo. (June 27)

  • Johnson City, Tenn. (June 27)

  • Charlotte, N.C. (June 29)

  • New Orleans, La. (July 10)

  • Omaha, Neb. (July 24)

Culinary Fight Club competitions take place in Chicago, Omaha, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Boston, Knoxville, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Virginia Beach, Charlotte, Twin Cities, Kansas City, Montgomery, Charlotte, Charleston, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Los Angeles! The pantry, sponsored by Reinhart Foodservice, provides fresh ingredients that allow the competitors the opportunity to battle for the best dish.

Tickets for the event range from $30-$40 and are available to purchase on Eventbrite.  

Guests that attend the event will receive sponsored beverages from select partners in each market. Each ticket helps fund Fight2Feed, a non-profit that aims to feed the hungry.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit


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