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Big Game

While the Central Division Playoff battle is heating up, there’s another major wager at stake: It’s Buona, the Official Italian beef of the Chicago Cubs vs. Ben’s Chili Bowl, a beloved DC staple since 1958 and the Official Half-Smoke (AKA “dog”) of the Washington Nationals.

The Series-leading Cubs are backed by Buona and Chicago fans are hoping to see the owners of Ben’s Chili Bowl eat “humble pie” in the form of Italian beef sandwiches, In a pre-playoff wager, the two family-owned restaurants placed bets on their teams in the form of their signature sandwiches. As of Game 3 it looks like the Ali family (owners of Ben’s) might be enjoying their first-ever taste of Italian beef! Stay tuned. 

About the Wager:

The winning team will serve sandwiches to the losing team’s representatives, who will be forced to wear the winning team’s cap and jersey while they’re filmed eating the other city’s famous street food. David Kaplan of ESPN Chicago 1000 (Kap & Company) and Host of SportsTalk Live Host and Cubs Pre- and Post-Game analysis on Comcast SportsNet, will represent the Chicago Cubs along with the Buona’s Buonavolanto family, and Bruce Johnson, WUSA 9 Anchor, will represent the Washington Nationals with Ben’s and the Ali family.

Fans from each city can rally around their famous local sandwiches made their favorite way:  in Chicago, it’s Italian Beef, Hot and Baptized, and in DC it’s a half smoke “All the Way”.  

Fans can feel free to talk some trash during the NLDS, sharing their thoughts at #NLDSSandwichBattle


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