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Chiya Chai, the Logan Square chai café, will kick-off its third year as a vendor at the Chicago Riverwalk's Michigan Avenue Marketplace on Monday, June 7. Returning to the Riverwalk menu after debuting in 2020 is chaat, a category of Indian street food that combines a complete range of tastes, flavors and textures. Chaat options include Bhel Puri ($7), Aloo Chaat ($7), Sev Puri ($8) and Samosa Chaat ($8).

The summer spin-off will also offer five chai options including traditional Masala/Spicy Masala and Ginger Cardamom, as well as seasonal flavors including Chai Coconut Crème and Salted Caramel Chai (12 oz., $4.50 or 16 oz., $4.75). Beverages include select coffee, tea and lemonade as well as Mango Lassi (12 oz., $4.50 or 16 oz., $4.95). Additional food items offered at the Riverwalk café include Samosa & Chutney ($6); Masala Chicken Pie ($9.50); Creamy Masala Curry Bowl ($12.50); and a Cauliflower Peas and Potatoes Curry Bowl ($10.50).
Additionally, Chiya Chai plans to open its second café location at 79 E. Madison Street in Chicago’s Loop neighborhood in late-June.


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