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Holiday Asian Evanston

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and 2018’s Year of the Dog (money, career, love) at Koi Fine Asian Cuisine in downtown Evanston. Guests may enjoy a "lucky" menu from Thursday, February 15 to Wednesday, February 28. The a la carte items include spring rolls (wealth), dumplings (wealth), Szechwan won ton with peanut sauce (long life), ponzu snapper (prosperity), seafood pan fried noodles (happiness), lychee chicken (close family), dragon and phoenix dish (long relationship/marriage) and rice cake (prosperity).  On Saturday, February 24, Koi will hold their annual lion dance at 7:30 p.m. 


Vegetable Spring Rolls - Wealth $5.50
"a ton of gold" as fried spring rolls look like gold bars

Traditional Chinese Dumplings - Wealth $7
choice of beef or vegetable, traditionally eaten on Chinese New Year's Eve

Szechwan Won Ton with Peanut Sauce - Long Life $6
peanuts bring long life, birth of prosperity, growth, good fortune

Ponzu Whole Red Snapper - Increase in Prosperity $28
the word fish pronounced in Chinese sounds like "surplus"

Seafood Pan Fried Noodles - Longevity and Happiness $16
the length of longevity noodles are symbolic of the eater's life

Lychee Chicken - Close Family Ties $15
chicken delivers prosperity and lychee nuts strengthen family relations

Dragon and Phoenix - Long Relationships in Marriage $24
crispy chicken with sweet and spicy sauce; shrimp sauteed with vegetables in white wine sauce

Koi Rice Cakes - Prosperity $12
it is considered good luck to eat nian gao, the Chinese New Year's cake


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