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Chicago brands, nuEra Cannabis and Two Brothers Brewing have come together to introduce Riseau, a canned CBD beverage. In addition to their CBD-infused sparkling drink, they will soon be launching a THC beverage as well. 

Riseau is a CBD-infused sparkling beverage with CBD. Each can contains 20mg of CBD and only five calories, without any artificial sweeteners. Crafted through the collaboration of Two Brothers Artisan Brewing and NuEra Cannabis, Riseau is initially available in three flavors. 

The three fruit flavors currently offered are:

  • Blood Orange: This flavor is made with a variety of oranges, resulting in an extra sweet taste with hints of raspberry, grapefruit, and strawberries.

  • Hibiscus Berry: Crafted with real hibiscus petals, this flavor offers a fruity and slightly floral taste, with a touch of tartness from hibiscus and the sweetness of berries.

  • Lime & Ginger: A punchy flavor created by the notes of ginger and lime, offering a combination of spiciness and sourness.


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