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The Jacques Pépin Foundation has released Cook with Jacques & Friends: Volume 2, following the release of the famed French chef’s first volume in 2020. Cook with Jacques & Friends is a Video Recipe Book and Volume 2 features over 40 chefs, bartenders, and more from across the country. Each digital volume contains downloadable, printable, and searchable recipes, accompanied by instructional videos featuring chefs, including Jacques Pépin, preparing each recipe in their own home kitchens. Each contributor submitted a video and recipe so readers/watchers are able to cook alongside the contributor.

For Volume 2, Chicago’s very own, Chef Rick Bayless contributed his recipe for a Coctel de Camaron. The appetizer features peeled shrimp and Bayless' take on cocktail sauce, utilizing ketchup, lime juice, clam juice and more.

The Jacques Pépin Foundation (JPF) was created in 2016 by Jacques Pépin, Claudine Pépin and Claudine’s husband, Rollie Wesen. The mission of the JPF is to improve lives and strengthen communities through culinary education and training. The JPF supports free culinary and life skills training through community-based organizations like Inspiration Corporation and the Kinzie Industrial Development Corporation. 

The Video Recipe Book is available to all JPF members and membership starts at $40/year. Additional volumes of the video recipe book are planned annually. Learn more on the JPF website here

JPF Volume 2 Participating Chefs:

Alain Sailhac, Amy Brandwein, Angie Mar, Antonia Lofaso,  Ariane Daguin, Brooke Williamson, Carla Hall, Cat Cora, Cat Smith, Corey Chow, David Thomas, Deanna Smith, Diego Galicia, Gerald Sombright, Herve Malivert, Hillary Sterling, Ingrid Hoffmann, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Jean-Pierre Vuillermet, Jeremy Sewall, Jimmy Yeager, John Tesar, Josiah Citrin, Ken Oringer, Kristen Hartke, Marcus Samuelsson, Mark Tarbell, Michael Ruhlman, Michael Symon, Michael Voltaggio, Naomi Pomeroy, Norman Van Aken, Preeti Mistry, Renee Erickson, Rick Bayless, Rico Torres, Sara Moulton, Silvia Barban, Steve Olson, Traci Des Jardins, Vance Henderson, Victoria Blamey, Zac Young

Pepin Vol 2 2021 0001 Jacques Billings Forge Aug2019 052
Chef Pepin at Billings Forge Community Works in Hartford, CT. Photo credit: Ken Goodman.


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