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Two Chicago-area restaurants are helping to change burgers for the better. Visit Dancing Marlin (Frankfort) and STK Chicago (River North) to sample their takes on burgers that blend mushrooms and meat as part of the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project from now until July 31st. The Blend is an emerging culinary trend that blends finely chopped mushrooms with ground meat for burgers that are more nutritious and sustainable. The two local restaurants join hundreds of dining establishments across the country that are participating in the third annual Blended Burger Project from the James Beard Foundation. Each Blend contains at least 25 percent mushrooms.

Both Chef Aaron Taylor (STK Chicago) and Culinary Director Ed Nemec (Dancing Marlin) chose maitake mushrooms for their blends, as they have a meaty texture, are nutritionally rich and have a deep and nuanced flavor. Dancing Marlin’s Nemec has a particular fondness for the mushroom because maitake mushrooms are known in Japan as “the dancing mushroom.” Check out their Blended Burger takes:

STK Chicago

The “Juicy Lucy” Blended Burger at STK Chicago is a blend of ground round, ground chuck and roasted maitake mushrooms. Combined with foie gras, brie cheese, topped with cherry mostarda and served on a housemade bun.

Dancing Marlin

Dancing Marlin’s burger combines finely diced maitake mushrooms, a mix of ground Angus short rib and Angus ground chuck combined with diced shallots, flavored with porcini mushroom powder (the umami) and topped with smoked gouda cheese. The burger is served on a brioche bun.


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