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Stan's Donuts & Coffee - Donut-topped Milkshakes

Take advantage of the long evenings while they’re still around and share a milkshake with a date at Stan’s Donuts & Coffee. Stan’s just released 8 new flavors including Butterfinger, Caramel, Cold Brew Coffee, Lavender Coconut, and PB&J. All Stan’s Milkshakes are 16 ounces and come topped with a mini-donut for $5.99. Get a donut for you and your date and make it a “Super Stack” to get a second mini-donut on top for a dollar more. 

Bar Biscay - Gin & Juice Sorbet

Chef Johnny Anderes’s mixture of citrus juice with the combination of traditional Christmas cookies and Mahon gin will have you singing “sippin on gin & juice” all the way to the Bay Biscay patio.

Kinton Ramen - Tsukemen (chilled ramen)

Kinton’s chilled ramen dish ($13) features a serving of signature thick noodles tossed with ground white sesame seeds and sesame oil and adorned with two pieces of pork belly and shredded nori. The ramen is served with a savory sauce for dipping on the side as well as grated daikon, wasabi, scallions, and a quail egg for extra topping fun. It’s the perfect mid-day lunch to cool down with. 

Commons Club - Fruity Dessert Specials 

Commons Club inside of the Virgin Hotels Chicago is finishing summer with fruity dessert specials. Tropical menu items include a pavlova with coconut, passion fruit, and guava ($12), a chocolate banana mousse ($12), and a strawberry dessert featuring meringue mushrooms and pink peppercorns ($12). Come try one or share all three. 

Steingold's Deli - Black Hawaiian Bagel Sandwich 

This limited-time bagel sandwich features a Black Hawaiian sea salt bagel generously shmeared with Berbere cream cheese salt and topped with spices from Epic Spice ($4). Come by Steingold's original location in Irving Park to give it a try.

Urbanbelly - Peanut Noodle Salad

Chef Bill Kim's summer 2 chill special, the peanut noodle salad, will help you beat the heat these summer months. The chilled ramen noodles are tossed in a peanut sauce and topped with pickled cucumbers, onions, bean sprouts and cilantro. The dish still packs the punch of ramen with Korean chili flakes. 


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