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Judson & Moore – the family-run crafted distillery located at 3057 N. Rockwell St., Bldg. 5, in Chicago’s Rockwell on the River complex – announces a partnership with Foxtrot, the corner store, café, and delivery market, for the whiskey to be sold at locations throughout the city. 

Judson & Moore was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Judson Bergman; his daughter, designer Elise Bergman; and her husband, distiller, and engineer Collin Moore. Representing the bounty of the American Heartland–Judson & Moore whiskeys are distilled from local, Midwestern grains using Lake Michigan water and aged in Minnesota white oak barrels.  

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch our partnership with Foxtrot, the perfect company to foster a special connection between our distillery and friends, neighbors, and whiskey lovers alike,” said Elise Bergman, co-founder of Judson & Moore. “Foxtrot’s growing presence and its mission to create a community of discovery in the neighborhood, in which it lies seamlessly, translates to the Judson & Moore brand’s balance of tradition and innovation." 

Six of Foxtrot’s Chicago locations, which includes: West Loop, Wicker Park, Old Town, East Lake View, Southport and Gold Coast are now carrying the 750ml bottles of the distillery’s rye and bourbon whiskey, including:

·       Rye Whiskey (47% ABV $54.99 SRP) – Judson & Moore’s flagship whiskey, a balanced Rye that carries the character of other varieties, but the higher level of yellow corn in the mash adds sweetness and makes this a mellow and approachable rye.

·       Bourbon Whiskey (47% ABV $54.99 SRP) – This bourbon has a higher rye content in its mash than most bourbons on the market. This whiskey tastes the most familiar but tones down the sweetness from the corn and adds a spicier depth.

“The quality and impact of the Judson & Moore brand made the decision to partner with Foxtrot an easy choice,” said Dylan Melvin, Beverage Director at Foxtrot. “Their Midwestern roots and dedication to the community matches our people-focused ethos with an emphasis on high-quality, local products, and we are thrilled to offer our customers this premium spirit brand, further elevating the Foxtrot experience.”


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