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Prix Fixe Asian Evanston

Koi Fine Asian Cuisine, located in downtown Evanston, will hold a chef's table tasting event on Tuesday, December 5. Starting at 6:30 p.m., participating guests will enjoy six courses at the sushi bar (Scallop; Cucumber Salad; Stuffed Avocado; Spicy Japan Roll; Fusion Don; Tres Leches) paired with sake selections. 

The fee to participate is $45 per person. Tickets may be purchased at

Chef's Table Menu

First Course: Scallop with Spicy Sour Plum Sauce
Scallop, Ikura, dice mango, cilantro and radish
Pairing: Black & Gold Sake 

Second Course: Cucumber Salad
Cucumber, carrot, jalapeño and cilantro in sushi rice vinegar with soy sauce
Pairing: Gekkeikan Cap Ace Sake 

Third Course: Stuffed Avocado
Avocado and spicy tuna deep fried, topped with unagi sauce, spicy mayo and garnished with micro greens
Pairing: Gekkeikan Asian Sake

Fourth Course: Spicy Japan Roll
Spicy tuna with jalapeño topped with tuna, fresh salmon, spicy mayo, hot sauce and scallions
Pairing: Gekkeikan Nigori Sake

Fifth Course: Fusion Don
Salmon and tuna slightly seared, unagi and avocado on top of rice with sumo sauce, sour plum sauce, sesame seeds, unagi sauce and spicy mayo, garnished with oba
Pairing: Murai Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake 

Sixth Course: Tres Leches Cake with Lychee
Pairing: Gekkeikan Plum Wine

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