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Coming Soon French North Center

Chef Rob Shaner is slated to open “Robert Et Fils” – an intimate French restaurant with a modern touch – in March 2020 in the former Kitsune space at 4229 N Lincoln Ave in North Center.
Shaner – who is known for his thoughtful and progressive dishes like radish pasta and lichen-porcini risotto in his short stint as the opening executive chef at The Royal Grocer & Co. in Bucktown – will serve a five- to seven-course prix fixe French-inspired menu inside the 24-seat Robert Et Fils.
Shaner is the owner and executive chef at Robert Et Fils, and the restaurant is named for and inspired by Shaner’s deceased father, Bob Shaner. 
While living in France with his family during his formative years, Rob and his father both took on the more easily pronounced French first name Robert. Robert Et Fils is pronounced “Robair Ay Feese” in French, and it translates to “Robert and Son” in English.
Shaner dreamed for years about opening a restaurant that captures the unique experience of a bygone era of dining in France. Siren Betty (Giant, Good Measure, Celeste) is designing Robert Et Fils.
While Shaner’s cooking is deeply grounded in nostalgia, he also thrives on the freedom of reinterpreting food using modern techniques and, at times, utilizing non-traditional ingredient pairings.
“This is a very personal restaurant for me, and I want guests to feel like they're going into a wormhole when they enter Robert Et Fils,” Shaner said. “It should feel like a warm and welcoming escape into another time and place. Much of the food will be influenced by my travels with my father in France as well as old French menu archives.”
Beverage-wise, Robert Et Fils will focus on French and natural wines, classic and reinterpreted French cocktails, and zero-proof cocktail offerings.
After his stint at Royal Grocer, Shaner was hired as the executive chef at The Kennison – which is part of the Boka Restaurant Group. Prior to opening Royal Grocer, Shaner took on his first executive chef position at Homestead On The Roof – which is part of The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group.
Shaner also worked with Chicago chefs as a line cook under Chris Pandel at The Bristol, John Manion at Branch 27, Ryan Poli at Little Market, and Chris Curren at Blue 13.


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