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The Oaxacan Fire Chicken Sandwich
The Oaxacan Fire Chicken Sandwich

The latest Clucker Collaboration to come out of Honey Butter Fried Chicken partners Chefs Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski with chef and restaurateur Rick Bayless.  Bayless draws inspiration from his love of Oaxacan cuisine for the sandwich.

Chef Bayless’ Oaxacan Fire Chicken Sandwich features Honey Butter’s signature fried chicken strips in a smoky Chintextle aioli sauce, topped with escabeche slaw, and agave. The sandwich is $12, with $1 from each sandwich to benefit Chef Bayless’s nonprofit, The Frontera Farmer Foundation. Committed to promoting small, sustainable farms serving the Chicago area, the nonprofit provides local farms with capital development grants.

True to the Frontera Farmer Foundation’s mission, the Oaxacan Fire Chicken Sandwich is crafted with ingredients sourced from Midwest farms and will be available June 18 – 23 at Honey Butter Fried Chicken or online through Caviar for delivery and pickup.


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